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Luke Hines Range by Cocolife - Leading Australian nutrition, health and lifestyle expert with Cocolife

Our Story

At Cocolife, we’re a bunch of passionate foodies and healthy lifestyle advocates striving to make healthy cooking and eating easy for everyone with our range of organic and vegan health foods. You may recognise Luke Hines, as he is Australia’s leading clean living expert and best-selling cookbook author and we are so proud to have him as a central part of the Cocolife team. Together our aim is to inspire pure goodness and help Australia and the world to lead healthy happy lives.

Sharing the health benefits of wholesome, single-origin, nutrient dense plant-based health foods is our mission, because healthy, organic and chemical-free clean eating has the power to improve our health, metabolism, mindset and energy! Cocolife is not just about delivering high quality foods, we’re about helping everyone to achieve a healthy lifestyle by spreading the message of wholesome, anti-inflammatory, delicious clean eating and living.


To us, health is about making the best food choices we can but also cooking and preparing our foods with the healthiest and most natural oils as possible. We source our raw ingredients sustainably and directly from the farms, using minimal processing that’s free of chemicals, so our oils retain their full nutrient profile to deliver you loads of incredible health benefits in every drop. This is why our plant-based culinary oils are always natural, nutrient dense, delicious and directly health boosting.


We’re proudly Australian owned and operated and want to share our fit and healthy laid-back lifestyle with the world – what we call Living The Cocolife! 

From our antioxidant, omega and vitamin rich avocado oil, to our high heat stable, antimicrobial and metabolism boosting coconut oil, to our brain and energy boosting pure C-8 and C-10 MCT Keto Tonic, we promise that every drop of our oils will serve to support you and your health.


Because keeping our oceans clean and our planet healthy means everything to us, we also strive to have a positive impact on the environment and help give back to our precious planet by being a proud member of 1% For The Planet – We donate a percentage of every single sale to help support incredible environmental conservations and protection causes, as well as adhering to strict sustainable agriculture and manufacturing practices of our own.

With gratitude,

The Cocolife Team

Luke Hines Range by Cocolife - Leading Australian nutrition, health and lifestyle expert with Cocolife

Meet Luke Hines!

Luke is Australia’s Clean Living Expert! We love him because he is all about helping people live their best lives, with a contagiously positive energy and holistic approach that truly nourishes from the inside out. His down-to-earth persona and training in health and fitness, combined with his successful career as a tv presenter, 9 x bestselling cookbook author, nutritional therapist and personal trainer, has established him as one of the most popular health and wellness personalities in Australia.


Each day Luke strives to inspire and guide everyday Australians like us to lead a healthier happier life by finding synergy between nutrient dense delicious Meals, cultivating a realistic positive Mindset, and finding the Moves that keep you agile and well for life.


We’ve partnered with Luke to create the Luke Hines by Cocolife health and performance range so that together we can provide health and energy boosting, wellness supporting, clean culinary oils along with Luke’s guidance to cooking, living and feeling your best.