The Cocolife Story
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Who We Are


From the Founder

Cooking was a huge part of my life growing up and we used coconut in just about everything. I fondly remember those times and the incredible dishes prepared in our family kitchen. I wanted to recreate and share those beautiful memories and that is how the Cocolife journey began.

After a long search that eventually took me back to my roots in the Philippines, I was finally able to source a coconut oil that was pure, unrefined and brought back all the memories of a great tasting oil that I remember from my childhood.


We source directly from farmers and only use the best quality coconuts to produce our range. The result is an amazing, pearly white oil that not only smells, but tastes great! Cocolife’s 100% certified organic coconut oil has a beautiful, mild flavour that doesn’t interfere with the flavours of your cooking.


Sharing the health benefits of Cocolife’s products with others has helped to completely change my life – I positively live and breathe coconuts! Cocolife is not just about the quality of oil and using coconut oil – it’s about the lifestyle and how it has personally helped me with my health and growth as a person.

I love sharing my many recipes and the health benefits of Cocolife with others. This is the driving passion behind the growth of Cocolife and why our team are working hard to make our premium-quality products available on the shelves of health food stores all over Australia.


They say that coconuts are the fruit of life, and Cocolife truly has given me the zest to approach life with so much passion and enthusiasm!

With gratitude,

Cocolife – Founder