— The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Cocolife Organic Coconut Oil

The Benefits of Coconut Oil


From a healthy high-heat cooking oil, to brain and mood supporting MCTs, to the most luxurious moisturiser and hair conditioner – there are so many uses and benefits of the humble and sustainable coconut.



High Temperature Cooking

When it comes to using Coconut Oil in the kitchen, it is perfect for higher temperature cooking because its nutrient profile is simple, being mostly made of monounsaturated fats that are generally stable and non-toxic at higher temperatures. With a smoke point of above 200C, it is safe to use in baking, pan-frying and even barbecuing.

Brain Power

Coconut oil is naturally high in MCTs (medium chain triglycerides). MCTs do not require lengthy digestion, meaning they are able to be utilised by our body in their natural state. They can be quickly converted into a high quality form of energy known as ketones, which are the preferred energy source of our brains.

Anti-bacterial + Anti-inflammatory support

Research suggests that the consumption of Coconut Oil may assist us to manage and reduce inflammation, thanks to its positive effects on our microbiome. With potent antibacterial properties, it is thought that coconut may help reduce the presence and activity of certain immunity cells and micro-organisms that trigger inflammation.

It’s Organic

To ensure the benefits of our coconut oil goes beyond nutrition, we only source certified organic coconut oil certified by ACO. From paddock to plate, or from farm to frying pan for us, an organic certification logo protects you and those working behind the scenes in the organic industry, ensuring your foods have been produced with the health and welfare of farmers and workers, consumers, and the environment in mind.

Your new pantry staple


Our final note. The type of oil you choose is just as important as how you choose to use it. Go for cold-pressed, virgin and unrefined where possible because, in addition to adding a wonderful flavour to your food, properly prepared plant-based oils also bring a powerhouse of nutrients and health benefits that are worth retaining.

Eat well and cook with love.


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