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Coconut Oil Spray | NON-aerosol, 100% pure | 6 x 150ml


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Australiaโ€™sย only 100% pure NON-aerosol Coconut Oil Spray.

Healthy, convenient and chemical free. Containing nothing but 100% pure coconut oil, with no added propellants, meaning youโ€™re getting nothing but pure goodness!


Use for cooking, roasting, baking, raw treats, fresh salads, smoothies or morning toast.

Ingredients: 100% pure Coconut Oil

6 x 150ml Cocolife Coconut Oil Non-aerosol Spray


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Our NON-aerosol Coconut oil spray is chemical free and 100% pure. High in healthy fatty acids and MCTs.

High heat stable, great for pan frying, roasting, baking, or topping fresh salads or add to your morning smoothie for a hit of MCTs.

Supports gut health, high antibacterial properties, supports brain, metabolism and energy, moisturises the skin.

Uses: Cooking, Raw Foods/Treats, Skin-care and Hair-care.

Ingredients: 100%ย  coconut oil