— How to get the most from your coffee

There’s a few questions that we get asked a lot when it comes to coffee, so we thought who better to chat with to officially answer them than Luke Hines himself! Luke is one of Australia’s most passionate leading health and wellness experts, which is just one of the many reasons we’ve partnered with him. Here’s what Luke had to say about how you can get the most from your coffee with MCTs:

1.Is Coffee actually good for us when undertaking a healthier lifestyle?

I believe coffee generally can be a healthy, stimulating addition to your lifestyle when consumed in moderation and provided you do not suffer any chronic stress or adrenal fatigue. I start almost every day with what I call a ‘PowerUp’, which is an MCT keto coffee. It has a number of health benefits, but I also just love how it makes me feel! (PowerUp recipe here)

2. What are the benefits of a ‘PowerUp’ – adding MCTs to your coffee?

MCTs – specifically the combination of only C-8 and C-10 – give us incredible focus, satiation and brain boosting energy. C-8 is the fastest MCT to metabolise in the brain, helping our brain to utilise ketones as fuel, and our livers don’t have to process this rare type of MCT. It only takes 3 steps for our body to turn C-8 into energy – sugar takes 26 steps! You’ll also find that the MCTs truly help extend the stimulating effects of the caffeine and provide a longer lasting, more level focus and energy. (check out Luke’s own MCTs here).

Luke Hines MCT Keto Tonic


3. Is your coffee about the ritual or the need, or both?

It’s definitely both! I think its really important we have something we look forward to and enjoy to do each day, and for me, the act of getting or making and sitting down with my coffee – whether it be at home with my dog or at a favourite cafe – it’s a positive experience in my life that I very much look forward to. And because we are healthier when we are happier, it’s important to celebrate the things we love in life because it can help us get into a positive mindset by really being present and enjoying that moment in your day.

4. What ways do you like your coffee?

In the form of my PowerUp MCT Keto Coffee, or just an organic long-black (sweetener free). If I happen to find a cafe that does house/ home made nut milk I’ll occasionally treat myself to an almond milk flat white but it has to be house made – most store bought and tetra pack nut milks contain toxic seeds oils, sugars and thickeners. Nut milk should simply be nuts, filtered water and some salt.

PowerUp Mind and Body Brew


5. How does coffee effect our metabolism?

Coffee actually has a fantastic effect on our metabolism in that it can help us enter or remain in a state of ketosis. Studies have shown that consuming black coffee actually assists and improves entering and maintaining a state of ketosis. Especially when enjoyed as a PowerUp.

6. What are some other specific health benefits of coffee?

Coffee can help us to tap into stored body fat for energy, which effectively supports a fasted state and helps us to stay lean or lose weight, and fasting is a great way to stimulate ketosis which supports incredible energy and brain function. Plus, studies have shown that fasting can improve our insulin sensitivity and blood sugar regulation – two major causes of inflammation. Coffee has a similar affect to fasting in that over time it improves our insulin sensitivity, helping us to better manage our blood sugar levels, whilst reducing cravings, increasing our focus and improving our mood.

7. What should we to watch out for?

Don’t forget that coffee is a stimulant, and caffeine reacts in our system in a way that triggers our immunity. Be careful not to over consume coffee because too much too often can lead to adrenal issues, dehydration and hormonal imbalances. So if you’re having any of these symptoms or have issues with your thyroid, best to limit your intake or stick to decaf or other delicious herbal teas. As with most things, moderation is the key here. Most days I only have 1 coffee, but never more than two a day.


We’ve shared Luke’s PowerUp MCT Keto Coffee recipe here.

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