— How Healthy Fats Help Us Manage Inflammation

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How Healthy Fats Help Us Manage Inflammation

We’re hearing a lot about the negative effects of inflammation, and how it can exacerbate chronic health conditions and diseases. So, we wanted to break down exactly what inflammation is, and how good quality healthy fats help us manage inflammation.

You might be surprised to learn that inflammation is actually our body’s natural immune response to injury or disease. Its purpose is to isolate a compromised or infected area, by swelling or flooding the area. This swelling creates a barrier that allows our immune cells to enter and heal within the inflamed area. Once the problem has been brought under control, the immune system will, under perfect circumstances, signal for inflammation to be cleared away, i.e. to reduce the swelling. 

Inflammation is the body's protective response against infection.

So, what’s the problem? 

Unfortunately, what we are seeing today is that our ability to clear inflammation has become compromised. This means we can remain inflamed for longer. It this constant state of inflammation that leads to further issues. 

So what compromises our inability to clear inflammation? Fatty acid deficiency is a major one. You see, fatty acids are essential for producing our anti-inflammatory hormones. If you then add in the mix of constant inflammatory triggers like stress, toxins and even physical injuries, you start to see how we can become pin-cushions of inflammation. 

We also need to consider our insulin levels too. When our insulin levels are high, we limit our body’s ability to convert fatty acids into the anti-inflammatory hormones, and instead we convert them to the pro-inflammatory hormones (PG2).

Back to essential fatty acids. Our best defence for clearing inflammation is our ability to produce our anti-inflammatory hormones (PG1 + PG3). In order to produce these, we need to make sure we are consuming good quality healthy fats. 

Healthy Fats Help Us Manage Inflammation

Good sources of fatty acids

Good sources of fatty acids include plant-based sourced like, extra-virgin avocado oil, macadamia oil, coconut oil, hemp oil and flax oil. Because these oils are considered precious (i.e. nutrient dense), it’s important to make sure you get them from high-quality sources. 

Enter Cocolife. We specialise in healthy plant-based oils that are loaded with immune supporting essential fatty acids. Sourcing only the best, sustainably grown ingredients to produce our 100% pure and chemical free plant-based oils. We also use processes like cold-water filtration to make sure your oils retain maximum nutrition. It’s all about bioavailability and passing on all of the wonderful nutrients and benefits of these oils directly to you.

So, if you are feeling a bit tight, looking to reduce inflammation, or if you want to increase your mobility, boost your energy and generally feel healthy and strong, choose Cocolife healthy plant-based oils for all of your nutritional and cooking oil needs.

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