Bernadette Favis, Young Organic Leader 2016

We’re proud to announce that our Founder, Bernadette Favis, has been named the Australian Young Organic Leader 2016 by the Australian Organic Annual Awards for Excellence.

The awards was hosted by Matt Welsh, Olympian and Health and Wellness Consultant.

The Australian Certified Organic (ACO), the leading organic industry body, recognised Bernadette as the Young Organic Leader 2016 because of the range of exciting high quality organic coconut products that is available all over Australia that she created. At the same time she encourages her customers to lead healthy lives with recipes and tips, as well as contributing 1% of her sales to environmental initiatives and through speaking engagements promotes organics and organic lifestyles.

All packaging is minimised and recyclable. The ACO stated that “every business or producer who ventures down the certified organic path commits to going above and beyond what is expected of other businesses. Amongst the shortlisted, there were many who were deserving of these awards. Unfortunately there could be only one winner in each category. Generally the winners were exemplified by not only having a high quality product and a strong commitment to organics, but also by their outstanding commitment to community, staff, customers, suppliers and the environment. In other words all things that are part of an ethical and caring world.  It’s important that in recognising the winners that we also acknowledge all the organic growers and producers who work so hard to make our world a better place.”

The ACO judges congratulated Bernadette on achieving so much in a relatively short time.

Through this award, Bernadette hopes to encourage young entrepreneurs out there to do what their passionate about and give it a go.


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