— Avocado Oil benefits, nutrients and uses

How Avocado oil boosts your immunity

The healthy oils and nutrients in avocado really do make this delicious and creamy fruit one of nature’s ultimate superfoods.

So what makes it so healthy? And why does it matter how our avocado oil is processed? Here’s how Avocado Oil boosts our health, and what to look out for.

Cocolife Avocado Oil Spray, Healthy Cooking, Clean Living Lifestyle


Avocado oil assists with the following:

High in nutrients, like antioxidants and important fatty acids
Increases fat metabolism and nutrient absorption
Helps to reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol
Promotes brain energy and function
Boosts and heals your skin
Powerful anti-inflammatory properties
 Tastes delicious and it’s easy to use



What makes it so healthy?

It’s incredible nutrients! Avocado oil is actually one of the most nutrient dense sources of healthy plant-based oils. It contains an abundance of healthy omega fatty acids Like Omega 3 & 9, Vitamins A, D + E, magnesium, antioxidants, skin-soothing lecithin and other healthy phyto-nutrients.

Now, we know that avocados can be a little pricy, not to mention its often tough to find them unbruised from the many squeezes they receive in the supermarket! Plus, we’ve all either seen the meme below or experienced first hand missing our precious avocado’s limited window of ripeness. So, the best way you can enjoy the delicious creamy and nutty flavour and receive ALL the incredible health benefits is with a cold-pressed extra virgin pure avocado oil.


Avocado window meme - Cocolife Australia lifestyle, avocado oil


Why cold-pressed matters

Because of its high nutrient density, how your avocado oil is derived is super important. Only cold-pressed and extra virgin avocado oil retains high nutrient integrity, so that you can receive and absorb all its wonderful health benefits.

A quick note: If a plant based oil, especially avocado, is too highly processed or heat treated then those precious nutrients are often removed or destroyed. Its important to remember that we want to retain the healthy nutrients, hence why cold pressed and extra virgin is best.

Cocolife Avocado Oil Spray, Healthy Cooking, Clean Living Lifestyle


What makes Cocolife Avocado Oil so special?

It’s the way we source, prepare and package our avocado oil that makes it the most pure, fresh, chemical free and the healthiest for you.

Australia’s first non-aerosol Avocado Oil.
100% pure oil, extra-virgin and cold-pressed with no propellants or chemicals.
Omega and vitamin rich, high in immunity boosting antioxidants and polyphenols.
Our Avocados are sourced fresh directly from the farms.
We use light-proof, air-pressurised cans to keep it fresh and protected from oxidising.
High heat stable and non-stick pan friendly.
Tastes delicious thanks to the chemical free, cold-pressing processing.

Add it to fresh salads, drizzle it over roasted veggies, use it in mid-temp baking, marinade your favourite ingredients, boost your morning smoothie, top off some hummus or your favourite dip, or simply drizzle it over your morning eggs or toast.

The more exciting news, its available at your local Woolworths!

Avocado Oil Spray by Cocolife - Available at Woolworths